the greenhouse

These are bunching onions that I’m planting in paper pots.  It’s a Japanese style of planting.  I’ll have more on this later.  It’s always amazing to me that each one of these will be a large, edible vegetable.  Everything the plant needs to know to become a bunching onion is contained in this little seed.  Just this  one tray will be rows on onions to give 125 families a weeks worth of onions.  This portion of the greenhouse is like the nursery.  The plants are very delicate now and need to be checked on multiple times a day to make sure the soil is always moist and the temperature is regulated.

We try to keep the greenhouse at 70 degrees.  There’s a wood burning stove in there that is kept going all winter.  These days we just need to start it when it’s cold and rainy, like today, but some days are nice and warm, so we open the doors and roll up the sides.  It’s tricky, but crucial to regulate the temperature of the greenhouse, and to make sure it’s constantly moist.


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