building a hoop house

Today we work on building the hoop house.  Sam, John, and I took the whole structure down last week.  With the help of the new intern, Briis (sounds like, Bree) we began putting it up yesterday and worked on it all day today.  This hoop house gets moved every 3 years.  It’s important to rotate the crops so that the same plants are not continually pulling the same nutrient from the soil, since different plants use different nutrients from the soil, and also so that bugs who like certain plants don’t get too comfortable in one section of a garden and colonize.  Typically tomatoes are grown in this hoop house.  Due to the short growing season in the northern climate, a hoop house can lengthen the time heat loving plants like tomatoes can grow.  We will be able to control the climate better this way.

More sore arms today, but a very gratifying experience to be able to build a structure like this with our bare hands in just a few days.  It kind of feels like an adult version of lincoln logs, or tinker toys, whatever they were called.


2 thoughts on “building a hoop house

  1. I can relate to your comment about the adult version of lincoln logs. Now you know why I love to build. Just playing with toys and creating. You’re going to have some nice “pipes” from all this work.

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