~ perennials and pig snouts ~

TODAY we had beautiful weather.  John was doing some tractor work in the fields, preparing them for planting, and Stacy had a family outing with the girls (her visiting gardener extraordinaire mother and her two darling daughters) so Sam, Briis, and I were able to renovate our backyard!  This would be the section between the clubhouse; the area with our kitchen/dining room, milk room, and shower is, and the animal barn.  No, it doesn’t smell, so it’s not too close, and really only the chickens are in there now.  The clubhouse is a timber framed structure that was just finished a few weeks ago, so the ground around it has had nothing done to it.

Sam and Briis preparing beds for planting.

We planted a two foot wide section of sunchokes on either side of our yard for some all natural privacy walls.  Sunchokes are native sunflowers, about four to five feet fall, and bloom in the fall with a small yellow, sunflower like  blossom. Their roots is edible, which is what we’re planting.  It has the texture of a radish, but has a nutty potato-like flavor.  We planted them into a bed of a compost and soil mixture we put together and laid down before planting, and covered them with some organic fertilizer, than mulched them with straw.

THAN we had the brilliant idea to let the pigs dig up the rest of the yard!  The side with brambles and crab grass!  I spend the rest of the morning putting up an electric fence and we moved the pigs thing over until we moved them over one by one.  We picked them up which was quite the show…one of them squealed the whole way.  Poor Sam almost had her eardrum blown out but that was overridden by the *shit* on her face.

In the sections closer to the door we wanted to plant a perennial herb and flower garden.  Stacy had been working on other perennial gardens with her mother and we were able to take extra’s from that and other parts of the farm to fill in our garden.  We have; chives, sorrel, lemon balm, bee balm, two kinds of iris’, sage, cat mint, variegated mint, and creeping thyme.  We’re going to add some other annuals later when we’re closer to the last frost.

The piglet’s!  So happy, and doing what they do best!  Living out their true ‘pigness’!!  Pigs are truly rooters, they dig and eat the roots of plants, dig for bugs to eat, and will eat the grass too!  Natural rototillers!  We get our backyard cleaned up and they get a healthy meal and habitat!  Look at those dirty little shovels on the front of their faces!


3 thoughts on “~ perennials and pig snouts ~

  1. The piglets are so cute! I love your blog! Very interesting and I feel like I’m learning a lot about what you do. I always say….That Courtney is an interesting gal! 🙂

  2. Awwww, they are so cute…the little piglets! The post on them was very entertaining and en.joyable. It looks like you have had a wonderful day today, wonderful weather, friends with like interests, and nature everywhere to interact with…thanks, for sharing.

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