rainy wednesday

We moved a bunch of ‘shit’ today, a load of ‘crap’, and even some ‘bull shit’.  Besides making really bad puns, Sam learn how to drive the truck with the dumping trailer on it, and you can see, from her expression above, she loved the experience.  I think she really was just enjoying the power!

The weather went from cold and rainy, to sunny, to a bit of snow, to cold and rainy again.  The kittens and dog were on exile for 24 hours since they got frontline on them yesterday.  I don’t know who it was worse on, Flora, or the pets.  We found them cuddling in the sun as we went in for tea time.  It was the first time I’ve ever seen them all in the same spot, and one not in Flora’s arms.

We did a lot of random things today to get ready for the May Day celebration.  Cleaned out one of the barns the workers are restoring, and burned most of the unuseable lumber.  We got a new shipment of soil in, and transplanted a few more tomatoes.  Sam and I began setting up the new pig’s area-right next to my cabin!  We also roped off the newly seeded glass lawn where weddings are going to be.

The sheep got out during dinner (in the rain), but went back without too much trouble.  They were headed to the barn.  Guess they were sick of the rain too.


3 thoughts on “rainy wednesday

  1. That sure is a load of s_____ , Samantha. Boy, from modeling and makeup to all of this.
    Happy birthday cake looks good. Do they know about your tea parties, yet???
    Aunt Louise

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