Last day of April!

On another windy day…we planted spinach and beets with our new Japanese Paper Pot Transplanter, and after a few trials, it seems like it’s going to be a great time saving new method of planting!

I also got to direct seed (plant the seeds directly into the ground) some of my favorite flowers!  Nasturtium!  The leaves and the flower are edible!

We planted sunflowers and chard in the greenhouse.  I gave the camera to Flora and she took some pictures.  This one of me planting rainbow chard.

And here are a few more Flora Foto’s…

And a few backyard updates…remember the side with the brambles?

Thank you piglets!

And remember the sunchokes?  Here they come…

Those April showers are bringing May flowers!


One thought on “Last day of April!

  1. That Japanese transplanter looks like a great tool. You might inspire me to try gardening yet. Keep the posts coming Courtney!

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