winds from the north

yesterday was a very windy day.  john says whenever wind comes from the north, he wants to just find some shade under a tree to nap all day, because he knows wind from the north means bad things.  things were blowing everywhere, falling down, and two pigs got out.

what a day, but they’re in their new home now, next to my home!

Besides setting up the new pig fencing and chasing pigs…we planted seeds in the greenhouse; cream of saskatchewan, orange glow, early moonbeam, sugar baby, and verona.  All types of watermelon, and also golden gopher muskmelon.  We also planted an oat seed with each melon seed.  The have a shallow root system and the oat gives it something to hold onto.  It makes them more durable during transplanting.

The wind was whipping the plastic sheeting so hard, it was like the sail of a sailboat, tight with wind and than suddenly flapping back.  We listened to that and yo la tengo as we planted summer’s best treat.


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