apprentice weekend

I thought you all might be wondering what I do on the weekends at this point, since all I ever post about is work, so here’s a recap of this weekend…  I found some time Saturday morning to work on an ongoing art project.

In the afternoon we had our May Day celebration!  It was nice to meet all the young families we will be working hard to provide healthy organic produce for this season.

Sam’s beau, Ben, came up from Georgia to visit for the weekend, and we all went Contra Dancing!

It’s similar to folk dancing, with a caller and a live band; fiddle, mandolin, and guitar.  This seems to be quite popular here in Maine and everyone seemed to have experience.  They were really helpful in teaching us the moves, and the gentlemen were not shy at all in asking for partners!

Robbie and Leslie, doing one of the many spins involved in this type of dancing!  Experienced dancers gave us lots of tips on not getting dizzy…one of them being, look your partner in the eyes while you spin!

On Sunday, John, Stacy, Briis, and I, went to Ben’s farm, a ‘grass farmer’-farmer who raises beef completely grass-fed, to check out his pastures and fencing system.  It’s great to learn from other farmers, their experience, and their operations.

Today we started a little bit earlier, since it’s May, and our days our longer!  We had a lesson on driving and operating the tractor, and Briis did some tractor work while John, Sam, and I continued working on the hoop house.  In the evening the four of us went to a potluck and composting workshop.


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