Rock Stars!

This afternoon we rocked out and put in a whole stone walkway to the front door of the farmhouse!  Stacy was very, very pleased!  She did a walkway to another door two years ago and had been wanting to finish this one for some time.  Check out that first huge piece of granite by the door!  That was put in awhile ago.

A very satisfying project indeed!  It will be beautiful first entrance for all the brides this summer!  Can’t wait!

We had some extra help today, Robbie, the carpenter came over, Aaron, the last apprentice arrived, and Chip, their timber frame builder friend and mentor from Oregon came to check out the place and pull out some big rocks for us!  All the rocks came from around the farm.

In the morning we finished up the potatoes, spread some nutrients on the soil (so, po, mag), and planted some calendula in the perennial herb garden and also in our backyard.

May also marks the beginning of working half days on Saturdays, so, I will see you tomorrow!


One thought on “Rock Stars!

  1. I love the granite slab front stoop! It just got added to my dream home wish list. Sure beats the typical boring concrete stoop.

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