Happy Birthday Collin!

My chore this week is the am milking, this includes labeling the date and whatever else I feel like writing on the top of the milk!  So today…Happy Birthday Collin!

My next task was fixing some of the remay that had blown of the brasica’s.  Behind me is that field, and in front of me was this view I couldn’t pass up.  The strawberry field is looking amazing and has a ton of blooms.  It doesn’t look like they were hurt too badly in another night with frost here.

A few of us, with the help of Goose, the white cat with black spots, worked on some additional landscaping in the front by our new (old looking!) walkway.  We added some creeping thyme along the edges and in some of the cracks to assist with that been there a thousand years look!

My last chore of the day involved my first time on the big tractor…and boy, it was a blast!  I was getting intimidated by the big ole deere, but I figured today was as good a day as any.  I could see the summer being over and my fear getting the best of me and not learning how to drive the tractor! (one of my goals for this summer)  So!  I did it!  The only part I didn’t like was the two killdeers who kept running out into the field while I was cultivating the field…I can only assume they had nests there.

In the evening we went to town to run some errands and we stopped by this park to watch the sunset with a view of the ocean (it never gets old) and drink some warm maple tea!  It was strange to see so much mowed lawn and trees delicately places one by one town the parkway.  Spring in the city seems so much different than spring on the farm.


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