the cukes come to life!

Sam and I began our day in the greenhouse, ‘potting on’ peppers, eggplants, and petunia’s!  (transferring from small soil blocks to large ones)  I love the germinating cucumbers!  It’s almost like you can see them grow!

Here are some sunflowers…
Snapdragon seeds! Smallest seeds I’ve ever seen!  Meticulous planting ensued.
A menagerie of greens; sage, mustard greens, violets, nasturtium, willow saplings, oh and some crab grass of course!
We found a secret stash in the English barn!  And ate it for lunch!  She’s starting to get the hang of it…
We also spent some time weeding the strawberries, working on the deer fence around the alliums, and burn pile of all the cleared out vines and branches.

{I’m drinking some red wine in a half pint ball jar and Sam is sitting on the couch shaking a half gallon glass jar full of cream to make some butter and reading Jitterbug Perfume.  We’re snacking on some sweet potato wedges as we wait for the pesto chicken to come out of the oven, and then we’ll saute up some broccoli rabe to go with.  It should all be ready in just a few minutes, and it’s the perfect time of day.}


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