pretty things

After a day of rain things were bursting with a flush of color!  Our second round of flowers (after daffodils, tulips, and lilacs…) are beginning to come in.

Above; the delphiniums blooming in various shades of blue.

A batch of violets in the greenhouse.

We spent the morning weeding the peas, brasicas, and strawberries; flowers weren’t the only thing the rain helped grow!  Aaron worked on the walk-in cooler, it will be a nice place to store vegetables and cut flowers to ensure freshness during the hot summer!  In the afternoon the girls and I found a shady place to plant more winter squash, including my favorite…buttercup!  So much to look forward to!

As amazing as all the work, growing, and cultivating is that we do with nature, some of things she does on her own are the most amazing.  After a long hard day, I came back to my cabin to find this outside my door, and it just blew me away.  I think maybe the coloring would make him fit in with a birch tree?  I’m sure someone could tell me all about the scientific aspects of this creature, if he harms plants, leaves them alone, is native, or not, but I’m ok with just thinking about how amazing this little thing is.  And so different from everything around here.

{Yesterday…we planted zinnias and a few other flowers, lettuce and spinach, began weeding the peas and other random farm tasks that needed to be done.  Than we went into town for an event at an art gallery hosting a four day film festival.  Last night’s film was DIRT but before that they showed a 30 minute film on Broadturn Farm.  If I get the link for their film I will share it.  It was to promote local food, farming, and the land trust.}

link for the gallery and it’s events;

link to DIRT the documentary;

It had mixed reviews with the crew here, but it was fun to discuss while weeding!


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