First Harvest!

We woke up with the sun today to harvest the first CSA shares of the season!  I worked on getting the bouquets ready with Stacy.

Here are some choral bells I harvested.
We also collected yarrow, lady’s mantel, delphiniums, iris, cat mint, tick weed, a few others I already forgot!  I love all the names of the flowers and I’m trying to learn them all!  I’ve never grown flowers or arranged flowers on this scale, and it was wonderful!  A lot of the flowers came from perennial gardens.

Than we took a break for breakfast and chores, and Flora kindly made us scrambled eggs.  Honestly, she did it almost entirely by herself.  From cracking the eggs (note her worktable-just the right height) to frying the eggs (she told me she was being careful not to touch the edges) to evenly serving up all our plates!

After breakfast we finished the harvest and put together the bouquets.  There was also vegetable harvesting going on, but I didn’t help with that.  This week’s boxes had rhubarb, spinach, mizuna, salad turnips, chives, a sun gold tomato seedling, and broccoli-raab.

The rest of the day we planted a bed of buttercup squash, mulches the flowers, and organized and distributed the boxes.  We had a lot of volunteers today and that helped everything go a lot quicker!  It’s amazing what many hands can do!

It was also great to see some of the customers coming to get their produce after a long few months of work.  It was great to see how excited they were about getting their first share, it felt like our work was appreciated!

The day ended with a little rain, which is always welcome!


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