planting and weeding and building…

Our work days now have four parts.  Here’s what we did today

5am-7am  planted two trays of lettuce and two rows of beans

7am-8am chores and breakfast (cranberry ginger bread french toast)

8am-11am weeded a bed of onions

11am-11:15 tea time (yoghurt and peaches preserves)

11:15-1:40 weeded another bed of onions

1:40-2:45 lunch (smoothies with yoghurt, peaches, banana, mango, and egg-we got some leftovers from whole foods-hence the exotic fruit)

2:45-5:20 i worked on putting up a new hoop house with John while Samantha mowed the rye and vetch cover crop

5:30 moved the rabbits

6:00 milked the cow

7:00 dinner (eggs, beans, and toast)

7:30 blog post

Yep, it was a full day.  And now this is a short post.  Here’s a picture of Flora watering my porch garden with her pink elephant watering can.

~now i’m going to watch a bit of pride and prejudice before passing out!  let’s see how much i get through!

good night~


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