friday harvest

Today we harvested the same things as Tuesday.  I helped with veggies this time.  I especially had fun pulling turnips and we also saw a great fogbow at about 6 when the sun was coming up.  It’s this amazing thing created in the morning when the sun comes up and things are still really misty.  It’s on the opposite side sky from where the sun is coming up.  Like a fog rainbow.  (John thinks I’m crazy, but this is a real thing, watch for it, they’re great)

After the harvest we weeded strawberries than I mowed the lawn we use for weddings.  I had a great time making patterns in the grass and listening to Sam’s ipod.  In the afternoon I helped out with the distribution and worked on the new hoophouse for a bit.  You can see it on the left in the picture below.

I had a great time meeting all the shareholders, got excited about some new projects, and thanks to everyone who told me they are now reading my blog!  See you around this summer!


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