misty thursday

We spent a rainy Thursday morning in the greenhouse (planting lettuce, beets, cilantro, arugula) than moved out o weed and mulch the garlic.  There are at least five varieties planted and it looks like the garlic scapes will be ready for the shares next week.  The scape is the flower part of the plant and is edible.  It’s the curly~q in the picture below.  You can chop them up like garlic or put them whole in a soup for the same garlicky effect.  We also gave them a little organic fish meal to give them a boost.

In the afternoon we thinned carrots (they are direct seed closely than thinned to give the best starts enough space) than moved on to weeding strawberries~which are almost ready!  Lambs Quarters-the common weed below and found almost everywhere, is edible, and we had some cooked up for lunch.  They were a delicious green!

In the brasica field we have lots of exciting things going on!  Beets almost ready and cabbage getting big too!  I almost expected to find some cabbage kids in there…


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