Ali comes to the farm!!!

With summer comes lots of blooms and also lots of visitors!  Samantha’s twin sister Alexandra came to visit from San Fransisco!  We spent Sunday checking out the sites and swimming in the Saco River.

Like a real trooper, Ali got up with us at the crack of dawn to do some plant some tomatoes.  We spent the rest of the morning weeding flowers.  We started early to avoid the heat of the day, which gave us a chance to have ‘A Maine Adventure’~at Reny’s (only the best department store ever-so classically Maine!)  Later we all got together for one of Stacy’s amazing Monday night dinners!  We had chili, with rice, cilantro, cheese, yoghurt….so good!  And of course vanilla ice cream with strawberries for desert during our class on weeds! (Thank you John-the videos on tractors were very helpful)

Flora was really enthralled with the idea of twins and we had been talking about it a lot before Ali got here.  She was quite interested in the whole thing even though she felt a little ‘shy’ when Ali got here!  It’s great to see her curious mind wrapping her head around something!

Than early to bed, early to rise, for another early morning!  This time to harvest!  Ali had some major skills with the spinach~go Ali!

Than the twins got to milk Blackberry!

It was lovely to meet Samantha’s wombmate and we hope she comes back soon!

Today’s Harvest included…

strawberries, peas, beets, radishes, lettuce, spinach, and chinese cabbage-our largest share yet!


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