First week of summer!

It’s the fist full week of summer (summer solstice being the 21st) and it has been a very busy week!  It may be the beginning of the summer on the calendar, but we are in full swing on the farm.  I can’t keep the days straight anymore so here is a recap of the last week.

We’ve been starting early, so we can get a lot done before the heat of the day.  It’s hard to get up sometime, but the morning light is gorgeous, and it’s the perfect temperature for working.

Just about every night we’ve had either a farm tour, or a workshop, or both.  I found this note on my porch Thursday morning and happily went back to sleep for another hour or so!

I also did something this week I vowed I would never do…I bought a pair of crocs…and I absolutely love them!  My feet are getting so sore, cracked, and calloused.  Crocs give you more protection than sandals, but aren’t as hot as boots…easy to keep clean…sorry, just trying to justify my purchase here.  I always thought they were hideous and pointless, but in the right circumstances…well, they’re just right!  My porch is always really starting to brighten up!  The nasturtiums are going crazy, my foxgloves came up pink!  The zinnia’s, poppies, and rudbeckia (black-eyed susan family) have buds!  And even my lemongrass is starting to get bigger!(top right corner in black pot)

We try to take cat naps at lunch…it helps…

One of our farm tours this week was to John and Mary Belding’s Little Falls Farm in Harrison, Maine.  It’s more of a homesteader size, with a small goat dairy.  They make their own cheese and sell it at The Common Ground Fair.  It’s absolutely delicious.  They even make their own rennet-a necessary ingredient for cheesemaking derived from the stomach of animals.

They were truely inspiring and very generous with their information and lives with us.  Between their greenhouse, root cellar, dairy, and freezers, John and Mary are able to feed themselves year around from their farm.  They also treated us to an awesome dinner of ham and baked beans with their own maple syrup!  (ham and beans they grew too!)  It was a potluck but their dishes were by far some of the best pork and beans I have ever had!  Thanks John and Mary!

They also make and store loose all their own hay in the barn they built.  There was only one log cabin on the property when they got there and have built everything else themselves.

It’s so great to be pulling so much produce from the fields.  A nearly perfect radish from our fields.  The shares quantity and variety are growing!  This week we had strawberries, lettuce, spinach, garlic scapes, arugula, peas, radishes, napa cabbage, and beets!

U-pick is in full swing here.  We’ve been so busy everyday, even if it’s raining!  We usually close at about noon to give the berries the afternoon to ripen before the next day.  The berries are almost done.  Our plants didn’t seem too effected by the late frost we had, but perhaps that is why we’re not seeing any new blossoms.  Either way, it looks like they are almost done.  We’ll be some picking, jamming, and freezing for the farm this next week.

And here’s a shot of John on his prefered mode of transportation with some irrigation pipe he’s taking out to the tomatoes.  Doesn’t he look happy!


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