SO busy lately!  The posts are turning into weekly posts!  Not what I intended but hopefully everyone is outside enjoying summer and not inside on their computers! (or, outside on their computers like i am right now)

Here’s a few things that’s been going on…i made sauerkraut with some leftover napa cabbage.  I fermented it with Sally Fallon’s recipe from Nourishing Traditions. After some experimenting it seemed better the longer I left it in the jar, about one week, out of the fridge, unopened, than into the fridge.

We’ve really been enjoying all the delicious produce!  They have made our meals much snazzier…turnips, radishes, peas, lettuce varieties, kale!

The flower arrangements have been amazingly colorful and different too.  Above is a Tuesday bouquet, and below is a Friday bouquet.  Evaya-the top one reminded me of you-all your favorite colors…pinks and purples!

Here are some sweet smelling herb bouquets I made for the outhouses; variegated mint, calendula, yarrow, oregano, sage, statice, and azuradum

We had lots of visitors and helpers this week, made harvesting go a lot quicker!  Here they are putting the herb bouquets together for the CSA shares.

And here’s part of the crew Friday afternoon-catching some shade.  We’re doing our best to stay cool this week, it is miserablely hot!


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  1. Thank you all so much for your hard work – we are loving our shares and appreciate you with every bite! I love reading your blog 🙂 Anne and Izaac

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