another WEEK!!!

Another week, another week…time is really flying!  Long hot days this past week have made me quite…tired and hot.  We’ve been doing a lot of weeding, planting some more cabbages, chard, sunflowers, and in the greenhouse more cabbage and lettuce.

I took this picture last week when the bunnies were in their new spot next to the former children’s garden where the purple poppies are blooming like crazy!  However…they got out…again!  Sunday night, the girl is back safely in the hutch, I’m giving her a space all to herself so she can begin to nest!  But the boy…he is so hard to catch, he is currently residing under the barn.  If you happen to see him and feel like trying to grab him…well…go for it!

The second wedding took place this weekend, it was the nicest couple and the way they did everything was just beautiful!  They had a little rain, just enough to cool things down, give them a rainbow and a beautiful sunset-not bad for a wedding day!

Here are our lovely farm hands striking a pose…Sam, Ellie-our newest recruit originally from New Orleans, and Izzie-Sam’s friend who was visiting for a few days.

On my day off I was so tired and hungry, I ate nearly a whole head of broccoli and made pretzels to fill me up!  They tasted more on the bagels side, but I was pretty proud of the results so I just wanted to share them!  Well, share them aesthetically anyways!

Speaking of hungry…thank you Berry for bringing us the most lovely and delicious thank you note ever!  Thank YOU!!!!


One thought on “another WEEK!!!

  1. Goodmorning 🙂

    Thank you for the update!!! The pictures look great, I remember the cute bunnies. By the way the pretzels look so yummy, why didn’t u make some for me 😦 LOL take care


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