We woke up rain yesterday, which was wonderful and allowed us to sleep in until 7am!  We spent most of the morning suckering and trellising tomatoes.  Tomatoes are a vine, but if you don’t prune them, they grow into a huge bush.  Suckering is pinching off the ‘suckers’ growing on the plant.  Tomatoes have a pattern; leaf branch, leaf branch, leaf branch, fruit branch, leaf branch, etc.  In the ‘crotch’ of each leaf branch a whole new tomato plant grows with the same leaf/fruit branch pattern.  Those are the suckers we pinch off.  You could let the tomato plant grow anyway it wants or, you could sucker and trellis is, making the fruits that are there bigger, since it is only pulling from one root system.  Above are sungold tomatoes-there were a few yellow ones!

The flower garden is going crazy!  New blossoms and colors daily!  Below are the cleome.

We had a few new arrivals on Monday…baby turkey’s and geese!  The turkey’s will be for the holiday’s and the geese we put in with the strawberries.  Strawberry season is over, we mowed the strawberries down and fenced in the geese.  They will eat the weeds but not the strawberry plants.

Alobar (the boy rabbit, yes, they have names) has been thoroughly enjoying his days of freedom.  He loves chilling in the sunflower, a little mini forest for him.  He has been sighted chilling with the chickens and ducks and also hanging out with Butter the cat.

Unfortunately I put his freedom to an end when I caught him last night.  He screamed like a little girl-no, he really did.  He fought and dug his claw into the dirt and grass, but he’s back in with his lady friend.  After a short vacation in their old hutch under the gourd trellis and a few repairs to their moveable pen, they are back in their intended spot.


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