A Harvest Day

Tuesdays and Fridays are our harvest days.  We start at 5-well now 5:30, it’s too dark at 5, and start with greens.  They don’t like being in the heat so we get them out of the field and into the cooler.  We pick all morning and usually finished about 12:30, just in time for the CSA members to come and get their produce.  These days we’ve been working right up until 1 because we have so much produce right now!

The flower CSA members get to choose whichever bouquets they like.

John, Stacy, and Chris, one of our workshare members are finishing putting out the last of the vegetables.  Our workshare members are so helpful.  Instead of purchasing a share they come every harvest day and work for their share instead.  Without their help we would never get the harvest done on time!  We have some really awesome members this year and in addition to their help, conversation, and touch with the outside world they give us…they sometimes bring us treats!  Hand picked sour cherries, homemade beer, homemade basil cupcakes-oh yes!

We’re so happy to finally be harvesting tomatoes!  The green ones are green zebra’s, yellow and green stripes.  Very good this year.  We’re also delighted our Electric G is running! (Tractor in the background!)  It will be a very exciting day when we get the basket cultivators on the bottom and can weed our fields with this quiet little beauty!

Amongst the harvest this week is beans!  Plain ole’ green beans and also ‘dragon’s lingerie’!

John arranges fennel, alongside the green peppers, patty pan squash, and summer squash, while giving a CSA member directions…he’s so helpful!

Sweet onions and napa cabbage!  We keep things in the cooler until 1 when we set things out for the members.  We keep wet burlap over them until the last minute to keep thing moist and cool.

Some people are in distribution groups, and one member from the group will pick up a bunch of shares.  The members rotating coming out to the farm and picking up their shares for their group.  Others come every Tuesday and Friday to get their veggies and visit the bunnies, cats, chicks, turkeys, or whatever else is new on the farm.  Here are some boxes packed and ready to go home!


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