fall…not yet…

It has been in the 90’s all week here at Broadturn Farm.  The summer extension has been great for our time at the beach and river, but not so great for our time in the fields.  All of the planting is done for the CSA, just a few things left to plant in the greenhouse for winter food for those of us spending the winter at the farm.  Most of our time these days is spent harvesting, we’re onto cantaloupe, watermelon, and the curcubites still take quite awhile to harvest.  All of the onions and garlic are in and drying in the barn.  There’s still weeding to be done though-as always, flower orders to be cut, and we’re starting to take a crack at the wood pile.

The last few days this little beauty from the 30’s has been my dearest companion.  We took a hot afternoon off and went to some antique store/flea markets in Arundel.  They have air conditioning and amazing old everything.

We’ve also been ‘making our winter food’.  So far our cupboard includes dilly beans, lemon cucumber pickles, regular pickles, bread and butter pickles, and as I type there is a large pot of tomato sauce cooking down soon to be canned.  We’ve been using the hot water bath method.  I do have some bad news about canning.  The classic ball jars with their metal lids and rings have BPA in the plastic part on the inside of the lid.  Good news is, you can order reuseable bpa-free plastic lids with rubber rings online.  I haven’t gotten any yet but I took a canning workshop with MOFGA and the lids seemed to work and seal just as well.  They are on my to get list…but the produce can’t wait…

We also had our eight and final wedding.  We were hoping Earl would bring us a cool rainy weekend, but after some heavy showers last night, we’re have another bright and sunny day…oh well…canning it is.


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