and now…

We no longer get up at dawn, although, it seems the dawn is meeting us at our later morning time.  I love watching the sunrise come in through my cabin windows.  It’s the reason I picked the cabin and it hasn’t disappointed this summer.

All the squash are in from the fields.  We have slowly been distributing them.  The fields where the squash grew~a quarter acre, is now cover cropped with oats and vetch and will grow until it becomes covered in snow.

The weather is getting chillier and we’re finding time again for tea time, or tensies(it’s at ten).  Coffee, tea, hot chocolate, and my newest fall favorite, rosemary in warm milk.  So delicious and autumnal.  Try it before the frost takes it all!

I’ve gone down to working part time now.  The other interns have all gone on to their next destination.  I’m working on getting the clubhouse ready for me to spend the winter in.  This includes sealing the cement floors and putting in a wood burning stove.  I’m also cutting herbs to dry, building up the pantry, and digging up plants to grow indoors for the winter.


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