To everything, there is a season…

The time has come for the turkeys to be slaughtered, the last of everything from the fields to come in to be stored, not much of the produce is going to be able to stand these frosty  nights, and the leaves have turned to their last hues of the season.

It’s also the time for the interns to migrate.  Sam and I took in one of the last warm days of October with some classic Maine scenery.

My plans to spend the winter of the farm didn’t work out, so alas, I had to pack my bags as well and find a new dwelling.  I have arrived in Boston for the next adventure.  We shall see what happens.


3 thoughts on “To everything, there is a season…

  1. Courtney…such a great picture of you and Sam. I’ve enjoyed your blog so much. Good luck with your next adventure. Boston is a wonderful place.

  2. Dear Courtney,
    How fun and exciting! I’m so glad your Grandma shared this blog with me!!! Don’t forget that I really hope to travel the East Coast and will have limited funds and time I’m sure and will love any insight or suggestions you will have to share with me for any high points! I love your photos. The first one looking down at your boots is the best! Well…The others are pretty good too. I love the graffiti bridge! Keep me posted as to your travels and “adventures”! It was so wonderful to see you this year! Love you so much. Aunt Jill

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