{the art of} food in the city

Transitioning from farm life to city life is always a challenge for me, and one of the most challenging parts for me is food.  Having consist access to local, organic, healthy, whole foods is one of the main reasons I am continually drawn to farming.  I have a condition that I have come to have a lot more control over through diet, and these foods are essential for me to maintain my health.  (It has been a long journey for me, perhaps I will share more of that later).  These same foods, if you were to purchase them in the middle of a major city, would be quite expensive.  When you live on a farm you might not make much money, you eat really well, but in the city, you have to make a really good living to eat well.

I am so glad that I canned, froze, and dried as much food as I could this winter.  I was also able to bring some frozen meats to the city with me as well.  In another attempt to keep the diet I like to have a few of my friends and I went in on a winter share together at Wolf Pine Farm.  The idea is basically the same as the summer CSA we did at Broadturn, except that most of the vegetables are being stored now, some are being grown indoors, and some are able to be harvested late in the season.  The above picture is what we received in our first share.  Pickup is every 3 weeks.  We were really pleased with our first share.

For my birthday, which was in the middle of this month, I made a bunch of pizza’s from Alice Water’s the Art of Simple Food as well as her Cranberry Upside-Down Cake.  I really like this book because it has lovely simple recipes that really explain how to make something, and it also gives variations, which makes it adaptable for what you have in your garden or in your pantry.  I also love this book because mine is a signed copy from when I went to Chez Panisse, Alice Waters restaurant in Berkley, California, two summers ago with some dear friends of mine.  Alice is an inspiration to us, for her promotion of local, sustainable agriculture, and as a woman entrepuenter, doing something she is passionate about.



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