flowers in the kitchen

Elderberry cordial, a simply syrup made by boiling water, sugar, elderberries, which grow like crazy here in Tuscany, and lemons, from our lovely lemon trees, boil for a bit, let sit a day, strain, and you have elderberry cordial!  We also collected roses to make rose cordial, and also to made candied rose petals.  We painted the rose petals with a lightly whipped eggs wash, coated them in sugar, and let them dry for a few days.  Cordials can be used to add sweetness and flavor to drinks or toppings for any other desserts.  And sugar encrusted rose petals?  Well, anything you want, we decided to use them to top a Victorian Sponge cake we assembled during a picnic we had, on a trip guided by our Italian teacher, Valaria, as she took us to her favorite small towns in Tuscany, thermal hot springs, sculpture gardens, and the town where she and her husband fell in love in (and are still madly in love).

Here they are checking in with their adorable landlady-she’s at least 90.
The view from the top was incredible, the town is literally falling away from the hillside, but from the top, another breathtaking view and some lovely cake too.


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