Alright, Alright!

Ok!  Well, it has been awhile and thanks to some um, encouraging comments from my friends, I’m here to keep you all updated!  Thanks to the winds of Hurricane Irene we turned our eyes and time inwards to the house.  It began with the mantel…And eventually gutted the entire living room!  As the weather cools we’re looking forward to our time of rest, aka, winter, but to do so we need to insulate at least some portion of the house first.  We’re trying to get the house down to the main structure, fix the foundational beams, etc., than re-insulate and seal a living space for the winter.  And so, our house is in shambles, we’re constantly full of powder and dust, I’ve taken more trips to the dump in the last few weeks than I have all summer as well as put a crowbar in my finger (i’m fine), but the excitement and possibility is great!  We have not entirely forgotten about the gardens however, and here’s some pictures to show you what we’re harvesting lately! 


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