firewood, apples, and kittens

Fall has finally come.  September seemed unusually long and warm this year, which in some ways, was great.  We were able to harvest more eggplant and peppers out of the garden than we ever expected, keeping the shares bountiful throughout the fall-which doesn’t always happen if there is an early frost.  It also seems our work load stays pretty full too!  Last week Thursday we had our first killing frost, finishing our eggplants, peppers, basil, and what was left of the tomatoes.  I’m glad I  put away as much tomato sauce as I could!  After a late evening, last minute jalapeno harvest, I have also put up a fair amount of pickled jalapenos!

After the frost, we had an usually warm weekend and were able to do some of the falling things we have been waiting to do!  Finally getting to put some firewood in the woodshed and picking apples too!  This year has been especially good for apples and everywhere I drive in Maine this year I see trees just loaded with apples!  Our beautiful apple tree, which looks to be at least 100 years old, dropped all its apples early-the sweetest, softest apples I’ve ever tastes.  We hear they are called ‘yellow translucent’ from a daughter of the late Margery Fancy, the previous owner.  I didn’t get a chance to can any of those, but we asked some neighbors in the area who had apple trees if we could pick some of theirs and fortunately, they said yes.  Now I have more apples than I know what to do with and a big project~maybe perfect for this rainy day!

Being in the woods in the fall always makes me nostalgic and sentimental and I can’t help but feel so grateful for the woods around us that just give to us if we are grateful enough to accept its gifts.  Old apple trees preserved by land owners, for the sake of the tree, firewood we gather which are fallen trees from previous years.  There is nothing, that I can see, to be too harmful in taking these gifts, it only takes our time.  And they will sustain us through the whole winter.  The time we spend in the woods harvesting, gathering, collecting, searching, exploring, discovering, with those around us builds a special bond between people and a special bond with the earth and woods that at this time of the year seems especially sweet.  I feel especially close to my late grandfather this time of year, whose love of those woods I have surely inherited.

And last, but certainly not least, we welcome the two newest members of the Frith Farm Community, two adorable kittens from The Animal Refuge League of Greater Portland.  We’ve decided to name them Charlie, after Chimney Charlie-our exception chimney repair man who hooked up both our wood stoves (which will hopefully be in use soon!) and Saffron-because she’s kinda sophisticated like that!  Charlie has short hair and Saffron has long, otherwise they are completely identical siblings!  We got them at 8 weeks old and they are growing so fast!  They love the outdoors and also a good bit of snuggling~which maybe has something to do with these chilly nights!

Hope you are enjoying fall too.


4 thoughts on “firewood, apples, and kittens

    • Oh yes! That would be fine! They’re so fun to have on the farm, such friendly creatures! Wasn’t even hard to photograph that, they were so curious about the camera! Thanks to you and your grandson for reading!

  1. That is the best turkey picture I’ve ever seen. I love it. I had turkeys on our farm as well, but mine were mean. I was scared to death of them. Maybe because I was only 10 and they were ‘huge’. Great blog, thanks for sharing.

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