Snow, and more snow!!!

Friday morning we woke up to our first snow of the season.  It was also a harvest morning for the CSA so we checked out the damage.  Things began to melt, and we began to harvest.

We made it through the harvest and the damage was not so bad.  We had covered a few things the day before and most of the crops we have left are pretty hardy.  With one week in the CSA left and one outdoor farmers market left, we thought we were in pretty good shape!

And than…it snowed some more.

Here you can see, left from right, the spinach bed, the brussels sprouts, carrots, radishes, more carrots and a bed of beats!  Or…at least under 6 inches of snow there is!  And on the far right…old faithful…kale!
The animals seemed to fare just fine.  The ducks, (which are new to us, from a friend who could no longer keep them) are finally co-mingling with the turkey’s.  Below, you can see our poor broccoli.  We covered it with rover cover in hopes of keeping the frost and snow off, but the snow proved to be no match for our remay.  Broccoli, however, is a hardy fellow, and I’m sure he’ll hold up just fine for the rest of the shares this week!

By mid-morning the snow began to melt and our ladies tentatively came out of their eggmobile to the pasture below, and eventually to their feed for lunch.  The sheep, well, they’re practically built for this weather, they are Katahdin’s after all! (A hardy breed named after the largest mountain in Maine!)

It’s amazing what a bit of sunlight can do to the greenhouse.  We had to crack the door because it was getting a bit too hot in there!  And such a shocking difference to the world outside, and a bit of hope for winter greens!


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