Saffron keeps a watchful eye on our 80 new layer chicks, and Robbie helps with the house.  New windows and repaired siding on the ‘little house’, the section of house we will live for the winter.

We also built a new hoop house for our older flock of layers.  This way they will have more space on the cold days (if they ever come!).  We filled their new house with wood chips (carbon), which over time will mix with their manure (nitrogen) and give us some great organic matter to use elsewhere on the farm.

When the layers were a bit heartier, at one week old, we moved out of the kitchen(yep, the kitchen, warmest part of the farm), we transformed a section of the greenhouse into a space for them.  We also built them an ‘Ohio Brooder’ which we learned about from Kingbird Farm at the farmer-to-farmer conference.  We love the design, super simple and efficient, and the chicks seem to like it too.


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