late winter sights

~Charlie in the Sun

~Daniel filling out the paperwork to be ‘certified’ organic

~Daniel’s famous pizza breads, with our canned tomato sauce and mustard greens from the greenhouse

~new fabric!  curtains being sewn and curtain rods being carved.  Lavie, my lavender plant, hangs out inside

~Putting a button back on Daniel’s shirt, one he inherited from his granddad, the one who lived at the original Frith Farm in England

~measuring for our new shelves!

~empty jars, a sign of winters passing here on the farm

~our braided onions from the fall, springing to life!

~re-roofing the garage where we keep Berta, in february.  we finished putting the new metal roof on that side on at 8:00 tonight.  we had to attach lights of the lilacs!

~the rooster, who came off the garage, to be restored to all his glory soon

~the golden girls, we’ve been opening up their side of the greenhouse to the out of doors, and they love it!  they’ve eaten most of the grass there already.  check out the wingspan on that girl!

~thrift store finds-i’m hoping to use those before winter is up!

~our older girls are laying more eggs now with the longer days

~and our dear saffron/sassafrass/sassaktoon.  found herself a nice sunny spot!  they spend their days following that light around our room!

hope you’re enjoying february too.



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