here we are again…

It’s only been…a few months…or so…since I last wrote on here, and, well, I miss it.  I miss the scrapbook/photo series/journal that this allows me to keep.  I didn’t take nearly as many pictures this summer and I’m sure well on my way to forgetting much of the projects we did here and there.  That said…here we go again!

I don’t think I’m interesting, or would be able to accurately or authentically, try to go over everything that happened, but maybe a few highlights, certainly some photos, than we will move forward with some better record keeping!  First up, it snowed today!  Our first real snow, three or four inches I’d say…followed by our first real fire!  And hence, me cozily writing on my computer, warmed curled up kitten at my side!  (oh yes, we have updates!)


Here’s me, Charlie, and our newest little black kitten (we sure have a theme going!)…Onza!  The beautiful yellow behind us is our asparagus patch.  Behind that you can see our newest greenhouse going up!  Or, high tunnel, as we call it, reaching the next size of greenhouse status it also gets a bigger name!  And to the right of that, you can see our newest investment!

After two years of doing everything by hand, including adding compost to beds, moving gravel piles, and shoveling snow…we have a tractor!  We’re going to keep it out of the garden beds, to keep compaction to a minimum.  But, we will be able to use it for making our own compost!  We won’t have to buy it in anymore and it’s great way to put plant material, animal waste, and expired produce from the farm, back into it!


This years onion harvest curing in the greenhouse, celeriac just out of the field-one of my absolute favorite vegetables, the sheep, taking a break while mowing down the peas and oats fall cover crop.  My pride and joy of the year, the darling honeybees~plenty more to come on this!  And, a foggy sunrise; our last CSA harvest of the year.


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