against monsanto


in a vocal way: in milwaukee.  i’m so proud of my state, my nearest big city, for the over one thousand people who came, peacefully and passionately, so many families and children dressed as bees!  to protect the land, our food, our future, and to preserve our agricultural history.

and in a quiet way: in west bend.  my friends and i turn an old gmo cornfield into organic, diversified farmland.  we’re tilling it up, to break up some of the compaction of years and years of tractors tires.  but first we had to chop up all the cornstalks-stiff and strange, like styrofoam on the inside.  a sign of hope-we saw earth worms under the surface, and we sprayed some biodynamic preparations to begin the healing process. 

and this, in my opinion, the strongest act against monsanto.


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