transplants, perennials, covers crops, and hedgerows


so many of our plants are safely tucked into the ground.  feeling so grateful for this lovely spring and such a wonderful spot to grow.  things are blooming everywhere, the cover crops, some perennials i brought over from our old field, the hedgerows.  some lupine seeds i saved while i was in maine have transplanted well and its nice to a have part of my journey alive and well with me in this new field, growing, going on.  some sun, some rain.  it could not be better.

soaking up june.




Time goes on and decision have made themselves clear to me.  Things that were options or considerations now are.  Or they are not.

This is Ruby.  The first spring calf at Heidel Dairy Farm.  I have spent the winter working at this grass fed organic dairy farm.  A piece of farming knowledge I have been wanting to add to my tool box.

Our little business flower & bee is in its second season.